About Jeff Sperandeo

Jeff Sperandeo has produced captivating visual stories for various industries. By combining his skills in photography, videography, marketing, and design, he brings a holistic approach to capturing genuine emotion and helping businesses shine.

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A passion for 2A carrying the message for self-defense

In my role at the USCCA, I capture the authentic experiences of individuals exercising their 2A rights, showcasing the real-world impact of self-defense through videography.




Discover the Stories that Move us

Jeff Sperandeo’s videography captures more than moments; it encapsulates experiences. From the heartfelt vows of a wedding day to the adrenaline-fueled intensity of self-defense training, each frame is crafted to resonate and leave a lasting impression. Dive into a portfolio where every video tells a story, and every story is a journey into the heart of emotion and action.

this is my passion



Weddings, Documentary, Investigative, Social Content, Corporate


weddings, Portraits, Couples, Events, Engagements, Boudoir

Social Media Content

Organic, PPC


Analyzing business workflows, problem solving, creating efficiencies, implementing modern day technological solutions (AI), branding, storytelling, youtube


Mock-Ups, Photomanipulation, Logo, Websites, 3d, Branding, Advertisements, Flyers, Business Templates, Conceptual, thumbnails


Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR, Mixed Reality, Game Development, Digital Twinning, Avatars, Motion Capture, Virtual Production

Product Development

3d printing, concepts, Customization


Strategy, Storytelling, Copywriting, PPC A/B Testing, Affiliate, customer journey, email, brand development, lead magnets, funnels

Don't take a Chance on Preserving Beautiful Memories

My cinematic wedding videos are created to entertain, to capture the emotion behind the action and to preserve treasured moments.