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Film + Video Editing

From a simple idea to story boarding a concept, I strive to deliver videos that make an emotional impact with the audience.

Web Design & Development

Every line of code has a purpose in creating something appealing and functional for both the client and end user.

Photography & Graphics Design

I find it both fun and satisfying to be able to take great photos and creative sparks to enhance that image even more.

what I do. about me

I help companies and startups from all over the world materialize their ideas into valuable content for their target audience to consume and want more.

Gathering the qualitative and quantitative data to better understand end users, their needs, desires and frustrations.


Testing a variation solutions that aim to solve both the business and the user needs and validating these solutions in the form of user testing.


Creating a visual design that communicates core brand values.


The video was created for IAMACOMEBACK with the purpose to share, motivate, and advertise the IAMACOMEBACK Experience.

Jiu-Jitsu & Firearms Training provided by Instructor Derek ( All visual content owned and maintained by and is not subject to redistribution without the expressed permission of Video filmed in and around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. All music and sound licensed through (

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Motivational video filmed and edited for ConstrictorMMA located Constrictor MMA. Located at 1245 N Green St in McHenry, IL, ConstrictorMMA also known as Devine Jiu-Jitsu (Chicago Crew) focuses on realistic training techniques that can be used outside of the competitive sports realm. The video was filmed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and McHenry, Illinois.

All visual content owned and licensed to Geneva Lakes Web & Media.

Music licensed through Envato Elements.



Youtube video created for the Instructor Derek series for his self-defense training courses. Instructor Derek is a nationally recognized and certified firearms instructor with the NRA. Instructor Derek shares his skills, experiences, and techniques with students just beginning to learn and understand firearms up to advanced shooters. Mixed Martial Arts is the foundation of Instructor Derek’s instruction with a particular focus in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Instructor Derek also volunteers his time helping youth train and learn firearm safety with Balog Combat Systems and the Eddie Eagle Campaign developed by the National Rifle Association.

Music by: Tyson James feat. Kelvin J, Bryson Gray & Kingface (Conservative Hip Hop) Please support these courageous men & subscribe to follow their movement!

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