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Web Builder Causing Web Atrophy

May 6, 2020


Jeff Sperandeo

Project Veteran Muscle | Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Web Builder Causing Web Atrophy

When I first met with Nick Pinnt, the owner of the new gym dedicated to veterans in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin I knew that I wanted to do something to help his cause.


Nick had asked me to help by photographing his new gym where he was having trouble showing the almost 5000 square foot gym in the pictures he was sharing in social media. Nick had very optimistic and inspirational ideas to help veterans in the area and many of the ideas were creative and groundbreaking.


Of course while I was speaking with Nick, the Project Veteran Muscle (PVM) website was brought up and some of the issues and changes he wanted to help his site have more functionality with his users. At this time, Nick was using a self-building web platform called Weebly. Although I haven’t had a ton of experience using Weebly, I knew that the mere nature of “self-builders” has severe limitations due to the inability to customize the code in their closed platform.


Another issue that was brought up during our conversation was low traffic and that he was receiving most of his engagements from social media platforms. This can be attributed to several things, such as the age of the site, proper search engine indexing, content, on-page SEO, and once again, using a self-builder platform. Self website builders like “Wix” are notorious for this as google indexes your text/words in their algorithm to rank you, but the self-building platform uses image-based content to develop the site, therefore, making it significantly difficult for search engines to index your website appropriately.


With all that said though, content is king when running a website. If your website is static and stagnant, don’t expect to receive a lot of traffic coming your way. Google wants to put the most relevant links on the top of their pages for your search query. So if your searching “Lake Geneva gyms” or even using google’s geo-location services and your site has one page with a few words or a title that says “Lake Geneva Gym”, don’t be surprised when you’re being outranked by a website that cares to continually create content based on that key phrase. This is search engine optimization 101.


Furthermore, after explaining this to Nick and the advantages of having a way to provide said content (articles), it was not really hard to sell. I knew during this conversation that I planned on donating my time for this project anyways because I admired his vision and dedication for our veterans.


With that said, see the new Project Veteran Muscle website!

Project Veteran Muscle Website Revamp
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