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Our Future and How it relates to AI

Many people have wondered what Artificial Intelligence is, and what it can do for society. AI systems have advanced to the point where they incorporate intelligent, intentional behavior and adaptability. By learning from real-world experience, these systems augment human capabilities. With the advancement of AI technology, though, come some concerns, including doomsday scenarios, which are often sensationalized in movies. Some worry that AI will destroy the human race. 

One of the first examples of AI was a checkers-playing program written by Christopher Strachey in 1951. Today, these machines can read tweets for you and create audio and video recordings that appear to be real. Some celebrities have even posed for fake videos of themselves. But what about ethical issues? And how can AI help society? Well, here are some examples. Regardless of the ethics of these technologies, the advancement of artificial intelligence has already changed the world. This article will discuss the current state of Artificial Intelligence and how it affects society.

I think progression is important for our society and there are many benefits with the use of AI like creating and using AI systems can improve the productivity of businesses. Currently, AI systems can be used to predict the demand for products. In the workplace, they can assign tasks based on competencies and gather feedback from employees. AI systems can be programmed to read hundreds of thousands of CVs in seconds, and can also predict who’s likely to quit. Furthermore, they don’t contain any human errors, making AI a better candidate for any job.

While there is no denying that AI is transforming society, the technology has also created some negative effects. For example, the Deepfake artificial intelligence system has become so sophisticated that it has become a topic among top politicians and icons like Joe Rogan on his now hugely popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”. These deepfakes use artificial intelligence to create video hoaxes, political propaganda and movies.

Developing AI is a huge undertaking that can potentially disrupt human lives and the lives of everyday people. Despite the potential for positive changes, AI is still an evolving field with a wide variety of applications. A common problem that arises from these technologies is the lack of regulatory oversight. This is why artificial intelligence is a huge concern for governments and companies. In the future, AI will be so commonplace that its use will make it impossible for humans to avoid it.

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Since COVID19 there has been a rapid movement in change our society with the blockchain, new currency’s like bitcoin and NFT’s. The races with NVIDIA and meta to dominate many of these spaces are real and have a monumental impact in our history. A software called Cinema 4D by Maxon is used to create 3d object, environments, and overall digital assets allows the ability for 3rd party plugins to help with the creation of digital art. Strangely or coincidentally, the developer of an Artificial Intelligence program that is used to Artificially Generate the art has gone missing. Currently the webpage says “Sadly we have had to stop selling Trypogen because the creator of the plugin has gone missing and hasn’t responded to any e-mails for over a  year.”  Unfortunately, you can no longer download and use the Trypogen plugin.

Where does the moral boundary stop when it comes to machine learning? Should we freely share our data  so the AI can learn from us for human progression? What if the nefarious want to use it to control the free or even the capitalist monopolies widen the wealth gap? Currently, most AI applications are focused on specific tasks, such as searching databases and calculating calculations. As the field grows, researchers are attempting to create general artificial intelligence and emotional AI. However, these technologies will not be complete until they have evolved human emotions. Ultimately, we will never be able to predict the future of the human race.

Jeff Sperandeo
Jeff Sperandeo

Video Creator with an insatiable thirst to learn, play and innovate. | Unreal Engine 🧩 Developer creating immersive and visually stunning experiences.

Jeff Sperandeo
Jeff Sperandeo

Video Creator with an insatiable thirst to learn, play and innovate. | Unreal Engine 🧩 Developer creating immersive and visually stunning experiences.

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