Trump Joins Youtube Competitor “Rumble”

Trump Joins Youtube Competitor “Rumble”


Rumble to Merge With Trump Media

Google “rumble” and decide for yourself if you feel google “might be” using their algorithms to tone this news down.

In recent months, the Twitter bot has gained huge momentum, and Rumble has announced plans to merge with a Wall Street investment company. This merger, which will leave the ‘rumble’ company with $300 million in cash, is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019. Among the changes is the name: Rumble, which stands for Make America Great Again, will now be trading under the CFVI ticker. According to The Washington Post, the site has already grown from 1 million active users last summer to 30 million.

As the former president tries to get back on his feet, Rumble is making a big splash. After being banned from Twitter, the former president is now the first person to join the platform. He has gained almost 500,000 subscribers after being removed from social networks after the riots of Jan. 6. His account reposts news stories and speeches from Fox News. The company says it will soon add comedian Bridget Phetasy and journalist Zaid Jilani to its growing list of celebrities. Additionally, it plans to add “nationally recognized thought leaders” to its ranks. According to CNN, a significant investment from Narya Capital has helped fund the project.

While Rumble is one of the latest sites to offer a free version of Twitter, many fear that the site is just another scam. While it might seem like a good idea to get more exposure, it is likely that Rumble will end up a victim of censorship. In fact, the company is already working with the FTC to protect its users from being harassed by people on the site. It has been reported that several of the Rumble employees have been victims of harassment because of their political views.

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