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Nvidia AI turns 2D to 3D in seconds

Nvidia announced their AI can create virtual worlds, avatars, reconstruct scenes for 3D maps or train self-driving cars. Nvidia’s AI researchers said they are developing new technology that can turn 2D images into a 3D scene in mere seconds. NVIDIA’s...

The Benefits of a Cultural Index Survey

Businesses Thrive on Culture The Cultural Index Survey is an important tool for improving a company's culture. It provides vital information for improving your organization's culture and can significantly impact your business' growth and development. Here are some benefits of...

Artificial Intelligence: An Unhealthy Bias

Identifying and Countering Data-Bisism In the world of data science, the issue of data-bias has become a crucial topic. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies have led to an increasingly diverse workforce. This diversity is essential...

The Content Boom & What it Really Means

  Content Creator: Can I Make Money? The Internet has made it possible for anyone with a smartphone to be a content creator. The democratization of distribution is a major shift in the way that content is marketed. Instead of...

Trump Joins Youtube Competitor “Rumble”

  Rumble to Merge With Trump Media Google "rumble" and decide for yourself if you feel google "might be" using their algorithms to tone this news down. In recent months, the Twitter bot has gained huge momentum, and Rumble has...

It’s my passion to materialize stakeholder ideas into emotionally impactful stories that resonate.


I’m known to inspire through encouragement, positivity, and personal growth. I strive to grow to be a better person than the day before and build up those around me with strong communication skills, empathy, and compassion.

I’m a skilled and experienced photographer/videographer that seeks nuance to create strong and impactful stories. From a micro-expression to a dominant angle, each element can carry effective emotions to an audience.

I gravitate towards competitive people, but it’s the humble ones that I want to learn from the most. Knowing how to learn is a skill that encourages personal growth and introduces an opportunity for positive change in my life and potentially in others too.

Currently, I work on a video production team we’re my responsibility and primary focus has been the production and post-production for the YouTube channel. Since 2021, the channel has experienced significant growth and a 276% increase in conversions than the year before.